European Feng Shui Organization – Slovakia branch

Feng Shui is an old Chinese science of space harmonisation and healing the person living in it by this mean too. It has been revealed that the space we live or work in influences our life in its entire ambit and all aspects. Therefore by harmonising of the space (by furniture disposing, colours, flowers, or decorative objects, etc…) we can improve our health, financial conditions of the family or company, enhance the success in work or study possibility, improve our relations in work-team or family, increase our self-confidence and tune.
Our internal problems, blocks, way of reacting and behaviour, habits and our point of view to the everyday situations reflect themselves into the space around us. Thanks to this phenomenon we are able to read and detect those problems, harmonize them and by a very soft intervention help to solve the problems and barriers that can come in our beautiful way called life.
Help yourself, your family and relatives to live a better and healthier life of higher quality and harmony.

We are the only ones in Slovakia who exclusively do deeper investigation of space influence (from the view of Feng Shui principles and programming) depending on the improvement of the patients’ health status by means of 5 elements acupuncture, one and two points acupuncture and yi-jing acupuncture.

European Feng Shui Organization

European Feng Shui Organization has been found in order to join people with the interest in the spiritual development, connections and information finding and other knowledge not only in Feng Shui, but also in the compact conception of human on his wonderful path called Life.