Feng Shui professional course

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This professional course in the range of 7 - 10 weekends includes complete informations of:

- School of shapes – symbolism of shapes, furniture disposing, exterior, interior, gardens, sectors in space, 5 animals principals, estates, gardens,healing means, colours, materials,...
- School of stars – basics of astrology and numerology, energies flowage, 3 levels of space perception, problematic era calculation, loshu grid, forecasting, space programming…
- School of compass – work with ground-plan, cardinal points, sector analysis, bagua, tendencies and space influences, trigrams and hexagrams,...
- School of 5 elements – 5 elements theory, Chinese medicine point of view, “acupuncture” diagnostics and healing of the space and people living in it,…
- School of symbols – common life problems’ symbolism, symbolism in the space, symbolism of the diseases, programming at the higher level…

The participants will learn on the practical examples from life and from the real projects. They will learn not only learn how to detect problems in space, harmonise them and do the basic predictions of what has happened or might happened to the people living in this space, but also to program this space properly, so that this could be prosperous to the people living in it.
So the participant will be able not only to harmonise the spaces, but will also get many useful advices from the traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, fytotherapy , astrology, numerology, work with energy, chakras, diseases’ symbolism, work with tarot or pendulum and many other information, which will help him/her and his/her relatives to live a better life.

The course of course ends after final exams with the European Feng Shui Organisation Certificate. A person after absolving of this course is able to work as a feng shui professional and has the possibility to cooperate with European Feng Shui Organisation. But these courses are not attended only by the people who would like to work as a feng shui professionals in the future, but also the people who would like to find out what life is about, to know principles of being, find parallels and come to know themselves.

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Main lector:
Ing. Petr Bílý

- Chairman of European Feng Shui Organisation
- 4th dan in IGA RYU KARATE DO (black belt), Daitomi Organization
- Trainer of the 3rd class
- Successfully certified 4 year study at the University Guang Ming Beijing in Prague – field of study – acupuncture and moxibustion with each year praxis in Beijing (China)
- Specialised lector in lectures and congress of traditional Chinese medicine in Sinobiologic Society in Prague and Slovakia
- Cooperation with World Federation of Acupuncture – Moxibustion Societies (Beijing, China)
- Feng Shui Certificate holder – schools of shapes, Yi-jing Certificate (Book of Changes) and Certificate of Chinese Astrology and Certificate of sickness symbolism and connection between acupuncture and yi-jing (M. Vinogradoff - France)
- Studying Feng Shui, Chinese astrology and horoscope creation under Wong Kai and master Wong Tin (Hong-Kong, China )
- member of Slovak Sinobiology Association and Slovak psychotronic association
- Lector at the seminars of qi-gong (Chinese energetic exercises), body language, symbols, Feng Shui, tuina (Chinese massages), chakras and traditional Chinese medicine
- 1,5 year of personal trainer, lector and Feng Shui consultant at the Tenerife, Canary Island – Spain
- Gives lectures and seminars in Slovakia and other countries of European Union (England, Spain, Czech republic, etc...)

And assistant lectors from European Feng Shui Organization

Professional Feng Shui courses

Course students will learn on practical examples from real life and from real projects, not only to detect the problems in the living space, to harmonize them, but also obtain the ability of space programming in order to improve the people`s life.