The Feng Shui projects

Are your problems connected to diseases, financial situation or relations within the family?
Do you have a problem in finding the proper partner for your life or business?
Do you want to improve your position or carrier in work or your company?
Feng Shui can help you in these and many other aspects.

- professional measurement of your living or working space and converting it into a well arranged project with comprehensive descriptions and notes to each sheet of the project
- houses, flats, offices, shops, restaurants, showrooms,...
- ascertain of the energy qualities on the lot
- best position for the house on the lot
- harmonisation and interior adjustment according to the principles suitable for living and life
- supporting of the suitable aspects of the space and suppressing of the negative influences to the people living in this space
- space programming and finding of the suitable programming places and articles for the house owner
- complex proposal of interior accessories, materials, colours, and furniture placement
- non-suitable accessories identification and call attention to problematic aspects of the space
- certificate for the space from the EUROPEAN FENG SHUI ORGANIZATION
- individual space adjustment according to your life needs (health or relationships improvement, finding of a new job, success in the business, improvement in the problems with getting pregnant or problems with sleeping, etc. …)
- geopathogenic zones detection and following adjustment of these areas,
- consultation and guidance in the health and life principles
- feng shui analysis and production of visit cards and company logos
- designing of villas, bungalows, other houses and gardens according to the feng shui principles

How will your project look like?

All information will be processed into a project, which will be handed to you during the consultation with your personal feng shui specialist. The number of pages of the project depends on the size and division of your space. Each page includes detailed plan of the room with furniture distribution, colours, materials and decoration used, also sectors and cardinal points assigning and recommendations for each of the sector. Namely, the space is divided into various sectors with certain tendency that influence your life in its whole scope (health, relationships, family, carrier, cash flow, etc…) Your personal feng shui specialist will explain you how these sectors can influence you and what solutions did he suggested in the project. Each component planed for you has its cause, has its specific impact on the certain area in which it had been set. So, you will be familiarized in more detail with all facts regarding the space and with the proposals to sanitize negative tendencies of certain zones.

You don’t need to worry that the space harmonised according to the feng shui rules and principles must by absolutely designed in oriental/Chinese style. The contrary can be also truth. Projects are set for you, so that you can chose according to your ideas and according to what you like. We will always give you various options where you can choose from and it will be totally up on you how you will, according to the recommendations of this project, design your own flat (house, office, garden, ground, etc….). For example, if you like your house to be designed in the modern style, we will apply recommendations, decorations matching your criteria and colours fit for your senses, in this style. If you don’t find anything that suites you in between our recommendations, you can freely consult any articles chosen by you with your feng shui specialist.

The Feng Shui projects

Professional measurement of your living or working space and converting it into a well arranged project with comprehensive descriptions will help you to solve the problems in relationship or in work. Do not hasitate and try it out !!!